Our Patient Care Advocate is Here For You

Patient Care Advocate

Meet our Patient Care Manager, Nicki Grider! This past year our clinics implemented this new position to be an extension of your visit here with your pet. With over 15 years of veterinary field experience, Nicki is a wealth of knowledge and a great fit for the position of Patient Care Manager.

What Does a Patient Care Advocate do?

Our Patient Care Advocate (PCA) follows up after your pet is diagnosed with an illness and answers any questions or concerns you might have about their treatment or long-term care. The PCA is able to provide additional information on procedures, medications, vaccinations, prescription diets, health certificates, pet insurance, and so much more while helping guide you to useful articles or websites.

Another aspect of this role is preparing your pet’s computer record for your upcoming visit to the clinic. Our goal is to make sure that we are recommending and discussing any tests or medications that would be best for your pet and their specific needs and health history.

Nicki Grider has been with our clinics since July 2016 and has made it her life’s work to help owners and their pets. She currently works out of our Fountain Square clinic and can be reached easily by e-mail at patientcaremanager@citywayanimalclinics.com. You may hear from her the next time your pet needs medical care – please feel free to reach out to her if you have any questions!



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